Weekdays from 7am to 3pm.

Delicious Toasts

Avocado Toast 11.5
Cage free 7 minute egg, hass avocado mash, goat cheese, extra virgin olive oil, cherry tomato, toasted country bread


Hummus Avocado Toast (Vegan) 9.95
Homemade hummus over, hass avocado mash, paprika, cherry tomato, extra virgin olive oil, sesame seeds, country bread

+ Add 7 Minutes Egg 3


Asada Toast 12.95
Sliced skirt steak drizzled in guajillo sauce, avocado smash,
radish, red onion, tomato, cilantro over country bread


Prosciutto Burrata Toast 12.95
Prosciutto reserve label, fresh burrata cheese, tomato, parmesan cheese, arugula on toasted Ciabatta Bread

+ Add Avocado  1.5 / 7 Minutes Egg  3


Salmon Cucumber Toast 10.50
Natural smoked salmon, cucumber, capers, onion, cream cheese,
country bread
+ Add 7 Minutes Egg  3


Mushroom Brie Toast  10

Sautee mushroom, shallots, garlic, butter with sweet vermouth and herbs topped with melted brie. 


Mascarpone Fig Toast (Vegetarian) 7.95
Mascarpone cheese, clover honey, fresh berries, crushed hazelnut over walnut fig bread


** Served with arugula salad

Lorraine 11.95

Ham, guerrier cheese and chives


Wild Mushroom 11.95

Kale, Wild Mushroom, Basil and Garlic


Spinach Feta (Gluten Free) 11.95

Caramelized Onion, Fresh Spinach, Feta Cheese with Almond Flour Crust

Flatbread (Gluten Free)

** dough made with cauliflower

California Pizza Salad [Vegan] 15.95

Cauliflower crust, vegan mozzarella cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds, avocado tossed with fresh romaine lettuce, tomato and tahini sauce.


Prosciutto Flatbread  *Hot 15.95

Cauliflower crust, prosciutto, crème fraiche, mozzarella, parmigiano-reggiano, tomato, arugula

+ Add Avocado  1.5  /  7 Minutes Egg  3


Smoked Salmon Pizzetta 16.50

Cauliflower crust, natural smoked salmon, crème fraiche, fresh dill, mozzarella, tomato, arugula


Chicken Pesto Panini *Hot 12.95

All natural chicken, homemade pesto aioli, havarti cheese, spinach, sundried tomato in pressed country bread


Chipotle Grilled Chicken Sandwich 12.5

Chicken, havarti cheese, butter lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo on  ciabatta bread


Tuna Melt Panini  *Hot 12.50

Ahi tuna, tomato, celery, scallion, mustard, mayo, red onion, havarti cheese in pressed country bread

Organic Fresh Bowls

Yogurt Parfait (Gluten Free) 10.5

Fresh mixed berries, organic straus yogurt, honey, gluten free granola drizzled with coconut cream


Black Coconut Chia Pudding (Vegan & Gluten Free) 12.75

House made organic coconut pudding, mixed berries, chia seeds, roasted almond, cacao nibs, gluten free granola, vanilla beans, activated coconut charcoal

Breakfast Favorites

Breakfast Burrito *Hot 11.95

Cage free scrambled eggs, pamplona chorizo, rosemary potato, mozzarella cheese, parmesan, cilantro in spinach tortilla, salsa (Make it vegetarian replacing chorizo for zuccini)



French Toast 13.95

Egg battered brioche with mix erries, maple syrup, sugar powdercinnamon and mascarpone whipping cream


Breakfast Croissant 12.75

Black forest ham, two cage free sunny side up eggs, heirloom tomato, wild baby arugula, mustard mayo, house baked croissant.

Substitute for smoked salmon 14.5



Breakfast Plate 13.5

Two fried eggs (cage-free), turkey sausage,  rosemary potato, heirloom tomato & homemade pickles and country bread


Smoked Salmon Sandwich 16.5

All natural smoked salmon, goat crème cheese, cherry tomato, onion, capers, arugula over toasted country bread with fresh melon

+ Add Avocado  1.5

+ 7 Minutes Egg  3

+ Subtitute for Bagel 2


Chicken Spinach Salad 14.95

Fresh spinach, roasted butternut squash, natural grilled chicken breast, red quinoa, feta cheese, dried black cherries, roasted hazelnut and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.


California Chicken Caesar Salad 14.5

Romain lettuce, grilled  chicken, hass avocado, cherry tomato, parmigiano reggiano, croutons, homemade caesar dressing 


Quinoa Grain Bowl [Vegan option] 13.75
Red quinoa, organic arugula, garbanzo beans, cherry tomato, avocado mash, pumpkin seeds, pickle onion, cilantro, fried egg
+ Chicken 2


Truffle Potatoes & Eggs 10.5

Two fried eggs (cage-free), rosemary potato with truffle oil, parmigiano. 


Brioche Toast, Butter & Seasonal Jam 5

 2.5                                                 Chicken 5


Two Scrambled Eggs 4                         

Bacon (2 pcs) 3.5

Prosciutto 5                                                3 Turkey Sausage 5

Smoked Salmon 6                                    Rosemary roasted potato 5