All day from 7am to 4pm.

Espresso Bar

Espresso 3.5


Americano (8oz / 12oz)  3.75 / 4.75


Macchiato 3.75


Cortado 4.5


Flat White 4.5


Cappuccino 4.5


Latte 4.5

Draft Bar

House Cold Brew 4.75 / 5.75

Single Origin Cold Brew 6 / 7


Nitro Cold Brew 5.5 / 6.5


Salted Cold Brew Cloud 5.75

Republik cold brew, vanilla syrup, sea salt, rich cold foam


Real Mint Mojito 5.95
Republik cold brew, housemade mint syrup, half & half, shaken.


Vietnamese Cold Brew 5.5
Dark roast cold brew, sweetened condensed milk, coconut water, rich cold foam

By the Cup

Republik Seasonal Drip 3.95


Seasonal Pour Over 5.5



Acai Berry Smoothie 8.95

Mixed berries, Banana, Acai, Chia Seeds, Mint


Blueberry Greek Smoothie 8.95

Blueberries, Banana, Chia Seeds, Yogurt, Mint, Honey


Lavander Lemonade 4.5


Tropical Sunset (Decaf) 4.95

Tropical Bliss, Lemonade.

*All our coffee beans are roasted by Ghost Roaster in Pasadena. 
*All teas are made using loose leaf.

Signature Drinks

Black Vanilla Latte 5.75

Activated charcoal, espresso, bourbon vanilla syrup, milk


Lavender & Oat (Vegan) 6.5

Housemade honey lavender syrup, espresso, frothed oat milk


Cardamom Oat Latte (Vegan) 6.5

Housemade crush cardamom syrup, coconut condensed milk, espresso, oat milk.


Sea Salted Hazelnut Cappuccino 5.5

Espresso, hazelnut, sea salt, steamed milk 


Black Pearl Freddo 5.95

Bourbon vanilla frothed milk, activated charcoal, espresso

Lattes & Chocolate

Chai Latte *Organic  5


Matcha Latte *Organic 5.75


London Fog 5.5


Turmeric Ginger Latte *Organic 6.5


Mocha 5.25


Roche Mocha5.95


Mint Mocha 5.95


Hot Chocolate 5

Teas (Made per order from loose leafs)



Tranquil (Decaf) 4.75


Earl Grey 4.25


London Fog 5


Jasmine Green *Organic 4.5


High Mountain Oolong 5.95




Black Tea 4.25


Tropical Bliss (Decaf) 4.5


Lychee Oolong 5.5